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We thank you for joining the CommonSpirit Health Foundation Tribute to Humankindness - a virtual extension of the annual Humankindness Gala. 

DATE: Thursday, May 12, 2022
TIME:  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PT 

Photo, Lloyd H. Dean, CEO, CommonSpirit HealthThe Tribute to Humankindness is a virtual spotlight on the important health justice work being done across CommonSpirit Health. The evening will be narrated by Liam Mayclem, Emmy-winning "Foodie Chap" in partnership with CommonSpirit Health Foundation board member, Kristi Yamaguchi. A special highlight of the program is on retiring CommonSpirit Health CEO, Lloyd H. Dean -- and his lifetime commitment to humankindness and health justice. Viewers will hear from those closest to Lloyd on the impacts he has made over the decades to positively impact the health of our nation. 

Founded in November of 2020, the CommonSpirit Health Foundation continues to take bold steps in achieving both health equity and health justice. While health equity primarily focuses on the individual, meeting people where they are and providing for a person's unique needs; health justice goes beyond to directly address the policies, systems, and other barriers that keep communities from achieving their best possible health. 

Consider making a donation by clicking the "donate" button to support this life-changing health justice work across the nation. 

We pause to honor the donors who have stepped forward to support this vital health justice work since the inception of the newly created CommonSpirit Health Foundation. The new national foundation started active fundraising in January of 2021. Due to the global pandemic, the foundation has not had a public forum to recognize our donors to this important body of work.

The donors recognized below have walked alongside our efforts since 2021 in the following core areas: Health Equity, Healthy Communities, Mental Health, Maternal Health, and Violence Prevention & Human Trafficking Response.

PLEASE NOTE:  Donors who so generously supported our fund-a-need for our in-person event or via the tribute donate button are not yet reflected on the list below and will be added by no later than Monday, May 23. 


United Healthcare Services

Nebraska Total Care
United Healthcare Community & State

Janet and Clinton Reilly
Kathleen McIntosh and Michael Covarrubias
San Francisco 49ers
Suzanne and Lloyd H. Dean 

Elizabeth Shih
Kaufman Hall
Linda and Patrick Steele
Marvin O'Quinn

Blue Shield of California
Cerner Corporation
Daniel Morissette 
Gilead Sciences
San Francisco Giants
Shannon and DeLane Duval
Tenet Health System
Wells Fargo
Willis Towers Watson

Citi Bank
Deb and Mitch Melfi
Diane Osborne and Gary Yates, MD
Fred Najjar and Mathew Deziak
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
PNC Foundation
Sabrina Shannon and Kevin Lofton
Tammy and Kevin Wilcox
Angelika Mendes-Lowney and Christopher Lowney
Blueprint Studios
Chartis Group
Joni Rubin and Robert Wiebe, MD
JP Morgan
Kathleen and William Sanford
Lata and Thomas McGinn, MD
Liz and Gregg Davis
Mary and Kent Bradley
Nancy and Jon Bussani
NTT Data Services
Palo Alto Networks
Paul Richardson and Sean Heckethorn
Rosalyn Carpenter
Shelly and Eric Schlenker

Albert Madruga
Barbara and Mark DeMichele
Daniel J. Morissette
David Boyd Williams
Michelle and Edward Cooper 
Phoebe L. Yang
Shelli Hofmann
Sr. Barbara Hagedorn and the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Sr. Judy Carle and the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas  
Tanja Oquendo

Alisahah Jackson, MD
Alyssa Rieder
Barbara and Oliver Wesson
Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute
Brian Kness
Carrie Boardwick
Christina Miller
Darryl Robinson
Diaz Dixon
Donna Diamzon
Edward Rathman
Father Thomas Kopfensteiner
Heather and Mark Klein
Jane Jeffries
Jean Ham
Joan and Richard Beach
Joel Armenta
Jonathan Timmis
Julie and John Alvarado
June Faison
Karen Finck
Kate and Rob Faughnan
Keith Grundy
Laura Krausa
Lisa and Moshen Zuckerman
Margaret Cecil
Mark Viden
Mary and Frank Abbott
Mary Ragsdale
Michael Berry
Pablo Bravo
Philip Goropoulos
Susan and Edwin Bartkowski
Tamra and Brian O’Bryan
Tessie Guillermo
Thomas Brown
Poonam Wadhwani
Amy Conner
Angie and Adam Rice
Brian Bates
Carol Jaworowski
Carolyn Cooke
Christopher Proctor
Dawn and Paul Dougherty
Elizabeth Bartels
Gina Czark
Jennifer Kurkjian and Ash Karapetian
Jennifer Nicely
Mary Ann and Peter Hanelt
Michelle Betiong Williams and Richard Williams
Nuvia Maeberry
Petra and David Stanton
Rachel Lagan
Regina Mudd
Rocio Corona
Shannon O'Shea
Tamra Buntrock
Theresa Parker
Thomas Harshman and Stan Gwyn
Camille Haycock
Cherlene and Alex Wright
Courtney and Phillip Brown
Dana Farley
D'Ann Artis
Danielle and Adam Tibon
David Klacik
De Anne and Roger Russell
Debbie Cloud
Elizabeth Evans
Ethel and Mark Parrington
Gail Jones
Gretchen Thaxton
Holly Stroud
James Nock
Jennifer Perry
Kathryn Hunt
Kathy Ruark
Katie and James Spivey
Kimberly Thomas
Kristyn Ulrich
Leslie Richard
L'Rhys Sequoi
Margaret Roper
Melissa Weatherly
Michele Sorensen
Miriam Ting
Nancy Searcy
Nevada Resort Association
Patricia Hetrick
Phyllis Mount
Robert Marine
Ram Ramadoss
Rusielle Galang
Steven Baruch
Sean White
Susan Hedrick
Susan and Sum Shum
Terry Walker
Therese and Richard Filippo
Timothy Bishop
Wanda Cole-Frieman

Adriana Rodriguez
Amber Burns
Amy Book
Andrew Edwards
Ann Louise Jones
Barry Landsberg
Carla Hazel
Carolyn Howard
Celia Franco
Charlie Lydon
Cheryl Taylor
Craig Conley
Cynthia Dunning
Cynthia Fischer
Daniel Robles and Michael Gold
David Walsh
Della and Nolan Regenwether
Diana Albrecht
Diane and Osa Aimufua
Digital Health Strategies
Don Rowland
Dorothy Lockhart
Elisha and Jonathan Irvin
Elizabeth Meckenstock
Ellie Levine
Eric Fenske
Gary Marquez
Gerald White
Greg Martinez
Holly Lyman
James Sinclair
Jason Befort and Heidi Jensen
Jeanne Plouffe
Jennifer and Scott Gravois
Jennifer Neppel
Jeremy Kraut-Ordover
Joan and Rollie Heckethorn
Jobert Lacebal
JoEllen Sciullo
Julie Cohen
Justina Alba
Kennedy and Vincent Golden
Kristine and David Blanchard
Laurel Van Tassell
Leanna Carter
Leslee Fetterhoff
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Wiese
Marc Feldman
Mario Gomez
Marta Peterson
Matthew Chappell
Megan Monaghan-Hughes and Jacob Hughes
Michael Petersen, MD
Michael Sieczka
Mona Gomez-Cantrell
Nancy Olson
Nicholas Valenti
Nicole Fattu
Pam and Harry Auld
Patricia Miller
Patrick Kenny
Paulette Wigfall
Philippa Duffy
Phoenix OBGYN Society
Rachel Tanner
Rae Gamboni Charos, MD and George Charos, MD
Rebecca and William Curtis
Rhonda Schmalzried-Byrd
Sally Miller
Samir Najjar
Scott Kessler
Seth Miller
Shannon Cofield
Shanon Heckethorn and Thomas O'Reilly
Shawna Ziegler
Sohrab Sharghi
Stephanie Carr|
Susan Waldman
Suzan Konell
Tammy Matthews
Teresa and James Fernandez
Terre Walsh
Timothy Levin
Tina Brucato-Day
Tina Carroll
Tracy Kimberly
Venita Papillion
Victoria Dixon
William Hyers
Yvonne Ogburn

Andreas Utama
Angela Williams-Njenga
Anne Lindeman
Brent Owens
Christina Vaaler
Christine Chirby
Christine Hardy
Christine Jensen
Christine Lockhart
Dan Nowlan
Dana Melo
Danielle Amstrup
Danielle Jaramillo
Darren Pfister
Deborah Chanen
Debra Rockman
Edwin Ericson
Elizabeth Solomon
Ellen Holt
Elsa Olivas
Grace Guarino
Hiliary O'Neill
James Patterson
Jamie Fitzmaurice
Janice Felker
Jean Hanson
Jeanne Jachim
Joan Bindel
Joann Yanez, MD and Victor Waters, MD
John Strempek
Jose Johnson III
Julia Page 
Karen Solomon
Kelly Mayo|
Kimberly Traft
Laura McNeil
Lorie Padilla
Magdalena Trigueros
Marci Burke
Margaret Boger
Maria Carrillo
Maria Ramirez
Matthew Blackmore
Michael Verry
Ordia Haller
Paula Fon
Peter Zolkiewski
Richard Lucero
Royce Johnson
Sarah Gardner
Scott Read|
Sherry Smith
Susan and Greg Demonteverde
Sylvia and Steve Schiber
Tametra Caldwell
Teresa Knouse
Vaughn Miller
Wendy Combs
Wyatt Group
Yesica Aciar

Abby Sabin
Ashley Anderson
Beth Murray
Bill Turner
Biser Ovcharov
Cecilia Vale
Cheryl Martin
Christine Sabik
David Mayo
Deborah Gordon
Deborah Hayes
Debra Moore
Debra Spickard
Diana and Robert Leff
Emily and David Tedeschi
Eric DePriest
Esther Conort
George Soteriou
Gerson Sorto
Haralee Abramo
Isabel Hochhaus
Jessica Waters
John Wehr
Julie Newman
Kassey and Paul Mosher
Kim Deynaka
Leticia Rojas
Lisa Polan
Marsha Salazar-Guerra and Stanford Guerra
Michael Muro
Roger McKowan
Ronda Solomon
Ruben Ramirez
Sandra Reynolds
Sherry McVey
Sofia Andrade

Amy Dewan
Christine Houvouras
Irma and Miguel Magallon
Janet Weinel
Rosalinda Alvarez
Sarah Tyre
Theresa Mattison